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My Voyage to Finding Myself
My Little Kingdom - My Voyage to Finding Myself

A Life that has been crushed. A life that has been torn apart and distracted from its beauty by endless evil. A life of a child, whose innocence kept growing weaker than stronger and thus impacted by his supposed beloved ones. That was my life until I reached a point of high misery. Excuse me if that sounds a bit rough, but the after effects of kidnapping my childhood had its destructive consequences.

I wrote a book that tells you exactly what had happened. Not to attract your sympathy. Oh, no! The book's only noble purpose is to wake you up and give a new perspective of looking at life. Misery might have killed the child in me, but it has strengthened the man within.
You have your own Packback to carry, as I do. Why not ignoring the past, when you can live the now? You live the now, ain't you?

Majid Wachtarczyk - Author

Blend Werk
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